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Widmann´s Alb.leben

Swabian hospitality combined with perfect craftsmanship.

Originally an inn with its own farm, Widmann’s Löwen is a versatile family-run with a wide range of culinary and pampering relaxation on offer near Heidenheim, roughly 80 kilometres east of Stuttgart.

The eighth generation of the Widmann family is already taking care of its guests with kindness today. The Widmanns call their close ties with their Swabian home an “awareness of the countryside” and this is reflected in all areas, from the selection of food to the hotel furnishing and cooking courses in the modern furnished cooking workshop in the old farmhouse.

The Widmanns are committed to their homeland with self-confidence and affection. Their appreciation of regional resources is everywhere. Their hospitality is characterised by entrepreneurial commitment, a young esprit and a deeply rooted down-to-earth quality.

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