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naturally Swabian

ursprung - the restaurant

Enjoy the Ostalb with all your senses

The creative art of cooking and sublime indulgence await you at the ursprung restaurant – the new gourmet restaurant at the Löwen. The hotel restaurant is being complemented by the latest member of Widmann’s Alb.leben, the “ursprung”, a passionately designed creative and gourmet restaurant in the oldest part of the country hotel where the village butcher’s and the Widmann’s first restaurant were originally situated.

fine & wine in Swabian - excellent dishes made from regional products await you at our ursprung.

A new gourmet dining inspiration from the Swabian homeland with its own signature, light, refined and sophisticated. An inspiration that charmingly combines craftsmanship, skills and creativity.

Opening times

Wednesday to Sunday
from 6.00 - 9.00 p.m.
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