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Feel at home at Widmann’s.

Switch off and take a deep breath – relax surrounded by stunning nature. Enjoy the unique luxury of our home with exceptionally comfortable accommodation in an unusual setting.

The two ALBWIESEN and STERNENGUCKER historical chalets were built using authentic building materials from our region and traditional craftsmanship. Rest and relaxation await you in the lovely furnished chalets – you can find attention to detail in every room. Be impressed by the unique mixture of rustic cosiness and stylish elegance.

The old hunting lodge restored with a great deal of passion welcomes you with modern comfort.
Experience our idea of life on the ALB in this special retreat.
from € 284,-
100% ALB – don’t compromise and experience unspoilt nature and total indulgence in the stylish, minimalist atmosphere of an old forester’s lodge.
from € 329,-
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